Combining lightweight yet durable components and eco-safe materials
that are free of flame retardant chemicals, these tents suit any range of
backcountry mileage, where ounces matter and shelter is required.
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Spacious oasis that maintains the view
Regular price: $ 400.00 CAD
Lightweight yet robust three-season protection with ample living space
Regular price: $ 720.00 CAD
Standard issue tent for mountaineering expeditions
Regular price: $ 1,100.00 CAD
The perfect balance of space, strength and compactness in single-walled expedition tents
Regular price: $ 1,400.00 CAD
Nimbus™ UL 2 Tent
A heavy-duty safeguard that’s light
on the scale to pitch on any trail.
Making dinner at camp while backpacking in the Utah desert
Making dinner at camp while backpacking in the Utah desert
Close up of the Nimbus UL 2 tent
Putting the fly on the Strato UL 2 Tent
Carrying a heavy pack sucks, but so does getting drenched by unexpected showers or ravaged by blood-thirsty mossies—our Nimbus™ UL Single Door 2P Tent solves the dilemma. With streamlined features and a sil-nylon rainfly that offers full protection without dyes, PU-coatings, or flame-retardant chemicals, the Nimbus is an integral part of your ultralight trail kit.
Holding up the stake and compressed tent bags to the sky