spring climb kits
Whether you're on the approach, topping out a boulder, or building
your next anchor, success depends on peak performance you can rely on.
featured climb styles
Men's Shade
Lite™ Hoody
Men's Mad Props™
Short Sleeve T
Men’s Basin™ Pull-On Pant
Women's Shade Lite™
Long Sleeve Hoody
Women's Chockstone™ Rock Tight
Men's Keele™
Grid Hoody
Men's Basin™ Pant
Women's Desertscape™
Pullover Hoody
Women's All Day Favorite™ Tight
The Rainwear Collection
No matter what color or condition of the skies, get outside with back up from our selection of rainshells.
more from the collection
Men’s Exposure/2™ Gore-Tex
Paclite® Plus Jacket
Men’s Stretch
Ozonic™ Jacket
Women's High Exposure™ Gore-Tex® C-Knit™ Jacket
Women's Firefall™ Insulated Jacket
Men's The Viv™
Gore-Tex® Pro Jacket
Men's Boundary Ridge™
Gore-Tex® 3L Jacket
Women's Boundary Line™
Gore-Tex® Insulated Jacket
Men's Firefall/2™
Insulated Jacket
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this season’s top picks
Women's Echo
Lake™ Hoody
Men's On Snow and Stone™
Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Women's Dynama/2™ Pant
Men’s Exposure/2™ Gore-Tex
Paclite® Jacket
Men's Hardwear™ AP Pant
Women's Desert Sun™
Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Men's Canyon
Long Sleeve Shirt