Trango™ 4 Footprint PL

Trango™ 4 Footprint PL

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Trango™ 4 Footprint PL
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With many of our tents, you can create a functional shelter by using just the fly, the tent poles, and a Footprint (our accessory grommeted sheet that normally serves as protection for your tent’s floor). The resulting structure keeps off the rain, provides a fabric floor, and has tremendous ventilation at a fraction of the weight of the complete tent. The Pitch Light option is especially useful for fast-and-light, mild-weather trips. Some tents may require additional pole bindings at intersections and/or webbing support for struts and brow poles. These items are included in the appropriate Footprint package.


  • A complete Pitch Light package for fast-and-light, mild weather trips
  • Imported

The Basics

  • Gender Unisex


  •   100% nylon
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